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We are a locally owned Apparel Decoration Company located in the beautiful Grand Valley of Western Colorado. We have a unique line of nature inspired imprinted apparel that is sold in gift shops

across the US. We strive to keep our designs fresh, fun and inspired.

Creativity makes us happy!



How it all got started.

circa Dillon,CO 1984, previous owners Diane & Kenny started a tiny screen printing

shop called Diane Designs. They started selling Diane's drawings on baby & kids garments.

They built up a client base in Cape Cod, the Northwest, the Caribbean, FL and Colorado.

Growing over the course of 25 years. Eventually their readiness to retire, declining sales, and the

recession led them to sell their business to us, Toni & Steven in 2010! They knew it would be a

perfect fit with Toni's Fashion, Business & Textiles degree and merchandising experience.

It took a ton of hard work and creativity to get where we are today. We overhauled just about everything,

garments, new designs, learned a new process, revived old accts and landed new ones!

After our first year we added Custom screen printing, Sublimation and Sports Team logos to our line up. Now Toni & Steven are a team running Designs with Altitude! We have recently added an

ETSY shop, we also sell at various Farmers Markets around CO and we are

featured in Raspberry Hill in Fruita.  


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