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Q. Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order is 24 pieces for 1 to 2 color designs/12 pieces per style/color.
48 pc minimum for 3-4 color designs.

Q. How can I save money on my order?
The more you order the more you save. Limit the number of colors you use in your design, each color adds to the price of printing and set up fees. Choose light colored garments. Printing on dark colors may require additional charges.

Q. Do I have to order all of the same color and size?
12 pieces per style/color, any mix sizes.

Q. What will the size of my graphic be?
Our art department can help you size your design for the look you are trying to achieve. The general size on front & back designs for adults will be 8-10" for a full size logo. For a mid size front design 6-7".' All pocket logos are around 3.75". Print dimensions will vary dependent on the proportions and details of the graphic.

Q. I have a .jpg, .gif, .bmp file is that ok?
Occasionally that type of file will not work. These files are lower resolution files= pixelated. We can use them to recreate your art for you. Vector art built in Adobe Illustrator is best (.ai or .eps), but send us what you have and we will take a look. We have no art fees for re-sizing, adding text, etc. Graphic design charge is $45 per hour.

Q. How do I get my artwork to you?
Attach your file in an email to us. We will take a look at it and email you back within 24 hours with questions or comments. If you have questions, you can include those in the comments section before sending your artwork. Also, please visit our Fruita gift shop to discuss details. 

Q. How do I pay for my order?
You can visit us in Fruita to pay for and pick up orders. We require 50% down before your order begins production. We do not print ANYTHING without your approval, so you get to check over everything before its processed.
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